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586 Judge refuses to reinstate Parler after Amazon shut it down
163 Weak Men Are Superweapons (2014)
124 Rollerball Pens of 2021
111 Raspberry Pi Enters Microcontroller Game with $4 Pico
79 B2B SaaS marketplaces with opportunities for indie hackers
42 The world must not accept the jailing of Alexei Navalny
29 Accidental Nuclear War: A Timeline of Close Calls
22 GameStop Stock Breaks Records as Reddit Traders War with Short Sellers
17 Hydroxychloroquine-mediated inhibition of SARS-CoV-2 entry attenuated by TMPRSS2
13 Post-Pandemic Silicon Valley Isn’t a Place
13 Faces of the Riot website uses facial recognition to catalog Capitol protesters
12 Google says it will disable Search in Australia if it's forced to pay for news
12 Ask HN: What are your go-to free services to use for at-home projects?
10 Show HN: HacKit, a native macOS Cocoa app for reading Hacker News
6 Intelligence Analysts Use U.S. Smartphone Location Data Without Warrants
6 Shippers Saw a Need for Bigger Vessels. They Built Them Too Big
6 Audio Modulated Tesla Coil (2010)
4 Social Networks Are the Next Big Decentralization Opportunity
4 Ask HN: What do you use to store code snippets from around the web?
2 2021: what’s coming in free/libre software
0 Out of Control
0 What might Earth’s next supercontinent look like? New study provides clues
0 Ijq: Interactive Jq
0 A curriculum developed around the television series, Halt and Catch Fire
0 Open Positions
0 Former ADT employee admits he watched customers have sex for years
0 SkiftOS: Simple, handmade operating system for the x86 platform
0 Shecc: Self-hosting and educational C compiler
0 America Has a GPS Problem
0 Parkinson’s meds are hard to grab, so TikTok users crowdsourced a solution
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