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493 Berlin buys thousands of apartments from corporate landlords
125 Life-size camel sculptures in Saudi Arabia are older than Stonehenge, pyramids
86 The Air Force Has Been Trying to Kill the A-10 Warthog for 14 Years
64 Headscale: Open-source implementation of the Tailscale control server
58 WAGI: WebAssembly Gateway Interface
58 Alpine Linux: Proposal to move Rust to main
53 Gimp 2.10.28
43 Project 4K77
42 Shortcomings of Amazon Mechanical Turk May Threaten Natural Language Generation
39 Modifying the Linux Kernel – New Syscalls
33 Transforming OpenStreetMap into thick roads and intersections
29 Acoup: The Trench Stalemate
20 Good Design vs. Great Design
19 Miniaturization and Integration of 3D Printed Microfluidics
12 Battlesnake raises $1.5M to turn coding into competition
12 Anatomy of a Cloud Infrastructure Attack via a Pull Request
8 Show HN: Pytest-watcher – A working alternative to Pytest-watch
8 Python Programming Puzzles
5 Mice don’t get Alzheimer’s, so why test Alzheimer's drugs on them?
3 The Classic C Quine (2003)
3 Show HN: /dev/esc is an online escape room for dev teams
2 Show HN: DALL·E mini – Generate images from text
2 A live pictionary using WebSockets and p5.js
0 Inspiration4 mission splashes down safely in Atlantic Ocean
0 International Talk Like a Pirate Day
0 Purdue record for the whitest paint appears in the Guinness World Records
0 The Lucid Air is the first electric car with a 520-mile EPA-rated range
0 WASM/k: Extension of WASM with first-class continuations
0 TLDs – Putting the '.fun' in the top of the DNS
0 Color Map Advice for Scientific Visualization
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