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399 Playdate – A New Handheld Gaming System
281 The shittiest project I ever worked on (2013)
179 H.264 is magic (2016)
136 Details about MIDI 2.0
132 Problems with DSLs for non-programmers
129 The lingua franca of LaTeX
114 OKRs from a development team’s perspective
94 Static web – back to the roots?
81 Making a Game Boy Game in 2017
72 I don't want to be a full-fullstack developer
53 Stronger than aluminum, a heavily altered wood cools passively
30 Behind Grindr's Doomed Hookup in China
28 What an Extinct Bird Re-Evolving Says About “Species”
24 Nasa Set to Demonstrate X-Ray Communications in Space
23 China unveils 600km/h maglev train prototype
20 Show HN: Maildown – Super Simple Email API
16 The Shield of Achilles (1952)
8 The potentially seedy side of the hotel bed jumping community
7 Lawsuit accuses Apple of selling iTunes data
6 Why Do Lunar Satellites Eventually Crash into the Moon? [video]
4 Show HN: Reddigram – A familiar looking client for Reddit
3 How to Design Worlds (2008) [pdf]
2 Who Art Thou, Shakespeare?
0 Ten Simple Rules for Better Figures
0 An Asteroid with Its Own Moon Will Zip Past Earth Tonight
0 Indictment of Julian Assange Poses a Clear Danger to Journalism, Speech
0 Hedonism, sex and fear – why the Weimar republic is in vogue
0 Hong Kong and Shenzhen showed what quality early childhood education looks like
0 Verifying Quantum Proofs with Entangled Games
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